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Base Features

Rotation Support: Rotate the phone to see the clock in landscape or portrait mode.

Settings:Press the "i" icon to see sunrise and sunset times on the "real" clock, as well as the number of "real" minutes in each zmanit hour (>60 for summer days, <60 for winter days).

Day/Night Indicator: A different picture for daylight hours vs. nighttime, so you can tell with a glance if the sun has set or not.

Zmanim (Jewish Times) Features

Shabbat (Sabbath) Mode: Turn this on before Shabbat and the icons and rotation support will disappear, so that touching the phone on Shabbat will not cause any response from the program. This also prevents the phone from automatically dimming & going to sleep, so be sure to plug it in before turning it on!

Jewish Prayer Times: View important halachic times by pressing the Magen David on the main screen, in either "real" or "zmanit" times.

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